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From Rachelle to Orphan

From the Desk of Captain Rachelle Xavious,

Dear Orphanchild,

During our recent encounter with the human resistance group known as The Returners there was an opportunity to do some training with some of their ordinance disposal teams. They had….recovered some items from a few Zulgos that were…no longer needing them. The logs that were recovered by the Space Patrol Investigative Division seem to indicate that an unfortunate robotics accident left their Zulgos ground patrol riddled with chaingun bullets, hacked to pieces, and antennae removed and weaved into a 3D structure of a traditional Earthling salute done with the middle finger. The Returners have nothing to add to this report.

Among the various personal effects the Zulgos patrol seemed to have large quantities of what looked like some kind of high grade explosives! Being the concerned galactic citizens they are The Returners took the time to liberate these dangerous items and safely store them in case the authorities came looking for them. Of course, there are always more priorities and The Returners Signal Corps just never got the chance to inform the authorities about their missing equipment. Their experts determined that these explosives were soon to expire anyways so they decided to do some disposal work for the benevolent and merciful Space Patrol.

Being that I was trained by some of the best “garbage men” in the galaxy I volunteered to take the recruits out and show them the process for how to get rid of the absolutely legitimately gained and absolutely non-incriminating explosives. You see—the best way to cover up an explosion is with, what else? Another explosion! And it just so happened that in their Museum of Super Safe Rare Earth Artifacts they had the largest infantry deploy-able Earthling explosive device ever conceived. The RUMSFLD (named after a 21st century warlord). After flying out to a nearby asteroid we placed the…trash….and the RUMSFLD in a crater, flew out to a safe distance, and detonated the whole lot. For a moment it was as if the blackness of space was illuminated by a lightbulb turned on by an ephemeral light switch. Raw plasma flowed like a beautiful river through the sector and vaporized everything it touched. It was over and now The Returners could continue with their mission of civic virtue to all.

Jace's Recording for Houston
Spaceward, Ho: Session 2


I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to get this to anyone, but the universe is strange, and so, I have hope. To put it simply, the galaxy is a mess. Some species known as the Artaxians has conquered it, then disappeared. During their reign, they sealed away the planets of those who opposed them, and took away whatever was most precious from them. Seemingly, everyone on Earth is dead.

I’ve hooked up with a motley crew of aliens who are, theoretically, trying to save the galaxy. To that end, we’re pursuing some Kreanne captain, an alien species made of gas. He’s looking for the Voice. Along the path, we reached some moon known as the Silent Planet. The entire surface was covered in dust. Dust, that was actually consumptive nanites that moved against any source of sound. To survive, I lit the moon on fire; something I’ll have to atone for later. Underneath all that sand was some sort of satellite picking up all the psychic thoughts in the universe (yeah, psychics are real). We managed to download the most important information from it. The moon itself was covered in strange sigils. They weren’t Artaxian, possibly, they were of the ftl monsters my crew encountered before (also called Cthullu in this document). Additionally, it seems that the dust came out of lower chambers in the moon, consuming as they went. We saw evidence of two eruptions of dust. The dust looked like it was slowly consuming the moon.

Additionally, two of my compatriots were able to use this dish to pick up further creatures. The shapeshifting Slyrain was able to talk to something called “The Voice.” It’s some sort of ur-mind/goddess thing for the cloud people. We learned that it was put in darkness to hide it from the evil, but then, something happened. It’s now lost, somewhere. Jimmy, a psychic singer, managed to talk to some some Cthullu beings that wanted to expand his consciousness to include all suffering.

Speculation on other things:
1) Artaxians:

  • Some sort of race that has a hard on for dominating the other races of the world and trapping them behind terrible walls. Notably, they attempt to take whatever is most precious from any particular race. It reminds me of rich expedition leaders of Europe colonizing the world. They disappeared for some reason. When ships were moving toward the edge of the galaxy they seem to have been shot by them.
  • Possibly waiting in the black beyond the galaxy. If so, what are they using as fuel?
    Enjoying manipulating others for their effects. Alters cultures as necessary.
    Finds what’s the most important to a culture before taking it away. Is this related to the usurpation of cultural identity?
  • No one has seen them; only their advanced ships.
  • Possibly at war with psychic Cthullu monsters. Notably, they wanted a sphere moved to the edge of the galaxy (where the Artaxians might be) at sub-FTL speed. When my compatriots moved the orb to FTL speed, small creatures that were harrying it at our speed, became massive cthullu creatures.

2) FTL Beings:

  • Didn’t acknowledge Jimmy as a being and were just torturing him until they discovered that he was psionic in nature.
  • Highly psionic, and much more powerful in FTL
  • The satellite only began picking psionic thoughts from Earth when they started using Eth energy.
  • Ruins on Earth’s Moon were built by “Ancient Ones.” It’s possible these FTL Beings were the ones who built the ruins. Was it a trap?

3) The Voice:

  • Psychic goddess being of Kreanne
  • Kreanne disguised it, to help it escape the Artaxians. However, this didn’t work. It’s currently in the “darkness”
  • Captain that we’re following talked to it.
Jace's Second Recording for Houston
Spaceward, Ho Session 8

It has been about a week since I last created a log. As I mentioned before, the Artaxians sealed away the homeworlds of the races that defied them, and took away a defining characteristic. For the Kreanne, we found some psychic entity known as the “Voice” was sealed away in a nebula. It was like a mother to the race (and Zuli?) A crack team of that species had managed to merge with a lightyear long spacesnake and instilled in it the idea of the Voice’s maternal role, letting it act as a draconic guard capable of killing Artaxian ships. We managed to heighten this, and free the Voice, hopefully creating a Mecca for the Kreanne.

In the aftermath of these events, there was a ship malfunction brought about by high crewmembers, and we found ourselves flung into the galactic center. Rather than being shorn apart by the gravitational forces, we landed safely at a floating motel, the Innfinity. Some cosmic entity known as “The Owner” had built this to study lesser beings’ regret. It was manned by a floating glowing orb. If we checked in, and worked through our regret, our ship would be fixed and we could go on our way. Surrendering our regret was the payment they required.

The majority of us were instantly wary of this as well as some of the other peculiars of the place. Space and time operated unevenly, allowing you to come and go by desire rather than physical locomotion, necessarily. Amelia Earheart was here, as well as several others who had found themselves “lost.”

Rex decided to check-in. Now, I don’t know the particulars of what happened there, but I do know that he had some kind of nap where he re-wrote history so that a regretful action of his was mitigated. He was able to choose to make a different choice. Those of us in the hotel had two sets of memories at that point.

Dash decided to go check out the restaurant at the motel, Teddy’s. There, he found some sort of cartoonish teddy bear named, shockingly, Teddy. It offered him amazing cuisine from back home all on the promise that he would check-in at some point. As Dash was consuming his delicacies, he made the acquaintance of a fellow by the name of Vedah, who would sometimes cease to exist in most conventional uses of the term. Vedah came from some other dimension and was rather obstinate, in a pleasant way, about getting as many free amenities as he could without having to check-in. Dash admired his ways, but decided, a deal was a deal and it was only right that he face his regrets, in the most Dash way he could.

Dash was running a con. He faced a regret of his, but while he was there, changing the past, he made sure the ship had extra parts hidden away. Parts that could be called on now to leave without paying the full bill.

During this, Brix and I found ourselves in the boiler room, a place we were warned by the staff not to go to. It was filled with fog and ghostly figures. I later learned that it was the ghosts that performed the functions that caused people to notice their regrets and act to change things. As we made our way through the fog, the ghosts found purchase to peer inside us.

Eventually, in the boiler room, we found the office of the Owner. The being we encountered was some sort of shadowy figure in an opulent office with a nearly endless number of books. We didn’t find much other than that it was some sort of creature able to see many dimensions, through time, and was somehow connected with all the other beings in the motel.

Dissatisfied with the Owner’s recalcitrance in providing meaningful answers, I went to talk to Amelia Earhart at the reflecting pool about why she hadn’t left yet. What I found was that indolence and safety had dulled her edge. I confronted her with how many centuries had past and convinced her to make a choice, whether to keep a regret or just let it go. With that, she disappeared.

As she disappeared, the pool started whirling with my memories. I found myself pulled into my last conversation with my sister before the launch. As I found myself there, my memories of the future, my last two weeks, faded away from like water slipping through my fingers. I managed to hold onto bits and pieces, enough to tell her that I probably wasn’t going to come back. I would do everything I could, but if I didn’t, it was up to her. She needed to win, where I couldn’t. As hard as it was to say that to her, what made it worse was that something tried to hijack my impetus, to prevent me from doing what I needed to, and helping the way I needed to.

As soon as I pulled myself out of the pool, I quick drew my ftl gun, and fired at the pool, or rather, whatever that was that was masquerading as a pool. As soon as the bullet struck the surface, it was like the entire world cracked. I saw something for just a moment, before it all fell apart into a void. The heavens pulled apart and we started to see a combination of organic and machine parts. Then, we saw behind the sky, and it was filled with googly eyes. For some reason, this terrified the aliens I was with. They started going on about “the unfixed eyes.” I just, uh, I just don’t know.

Working together, the ship was jury-rigged, we grabbed Vedah, and we blasted off. We used the pupil of a googly eye as a portal out. Its lid, that heretofore never closed, almost crushed us on our ascent. Then, like that, we were back in the “real” universe. We got some coordinates out of the galactic center, and found a station. They hailed us. They were willing to help, however, we needed to submit to trials to find out if we were servants of the Darkness or the servants below.


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