Welcome to the Official Obsidian Portal for Spaceward, Ho!

Spaceward, Ho! is a high-octane, light-hearted action-adventure space opera RPG played using a modified version of the Fate Core ruleset. Set in a high-adventure, high-danger universe that draws lovingly on classic science fiction worlds like Star Wars, Star Control 2, Firefly, and even the recent Guardians of the Galaxy feature film, the goal of Spaceward, Ho! is to provide the players and GM alike an opportunity to have wild, hilarious adventures featuring awesome, competent characters engaged in ridiculous, high-risk, high-reward antics.

We’re just getting started now (gathering players, discussing what we want the game to look and feel like), but keep an eye on this OP for future updates! If you’re interested in joining the campaign, please e-mail me at armandopenblade@gmail.com or contact me via the RTR Meetup page.

Strictly speaking, Spaceward, Ho! also refers to the specific set of Fate-powered rules and setting details developed by the GM, Randy (“Armando Penblade”) for the campaign. These will be available for download at a later time, hopefully someday even in a neatly formatted version, with separate PDFs for Players and GMs.